Caregiver Prototype

I was part of a team of 4 designers at eHealth who created a working prototype for caregivers. With Obamacare becoming a reality, as well as the recent release of Blue Button data, eHealth was poising itself to reap the rewards of these new developments. The prototype was presented to stakeholders and investors to gauge support for eHealth’s new endeavor.

My contributions included:

  • Ideation, refining our Value Proposition
  • Creation of Personas and User Stories
  • Brainstorming and Whiteboarding
  • Thinking through User Flows, creating Wireframes
  • Making Mock-ups for the prototype


After significant research and brainstorming, we proposed that we could best help caregivers by providing them tools to:

  • Manage their resources and contacts
  • Schedule appointments and events
  • Automate communication to keep everyone updated on the health of their loved one
Whiteboard Samples AcceptMoney

Resources/Find Specialist

The site provides searchable and savable content from local health resources. This enables users to gather and link relevant data from doctors and specialists, to pharmacies, to hospitals for quick and easy reference.

The site's Resources section helps users to find a specialist.

  • Search a database of local health resources to find a specialist
  • Add any resources not listed
  • Link doctors' maps and details to any appts. you schedule

Resources/Find Specialist Wireframes add-event Resources/Find Specialist Mock-up find-specialist


A calendar helps manage scheduled appointments.

  • Allowing users to quickly see the when, where, why of all upcoming appts.
  • Share events with others
  • Set alarms and reminders for almost anything, including when medications are to be taken, refilled, or renewed, upcoming appointments, and recurring services available under the user's current insurance plan

Calendar Wireframes add-event

The "Add Event" modal, shown below, is triggered by the large "+" icon and normally opens atop the calander.

Calendar Mock-up add-event


The mock below shows the overview page of the finished prototype. The prototype met with great success and inspired investors and stakeholders to excitedly greenlight the project!

Overview Page mock-up find-specialist