Balsamiq, Dreamweaver, Illustrator, Keynote, Photoshop


Css, Foundation, Html, IA, jQuery, Design Patterns, Rapid Prototyping, Responsive, UX, Wireframes


Boston University Bachelor of Fine Arts, Painting, 1998.

Work Experience:

Interaction Designer for Tata Consultancy Services (06/14-02/16)

As a contractor for TCS, I worked in downtown San Francisco as an Interaction Designer for one of the country's largest banks.

My contributions have included:

UX/UI Designer at eHealth Insurance (07/12-01/14)

eHealth Insurance is an online insurance broker which offers tools to help users compare plans across carriers. My role included front-end development, visual design, and UX.

Designer/ Developer as a Freelancer (08/09-07/12)

I sought freelance work to gain experience and help me round out my skillset and portfolio.

Web Developer at Page 1 Solutions (10/09-03/12 Golden, CO)

Page 1 Solutions is an SEO company that offers custom sites for Dentists, Lawyers, Ophthalmologists, and Plastic Surgeons. I broke into the industry at Page 1 as a "Design Assistant", learning html and css by troubleshooting broken sites. Over time, I progressed to Junior Developer and developed sites in Drupal.